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Anonymous said: you drew sam and steve really gay :/


did we watch the same movie??? because i have news for u friend, cap 2 is actually romcom of the year 2014




he asked for a blowjob and i blew him away with the word of the lord


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Anonymous said: Do you think Destiel is going to happen?

I think either:

  • Destiel is going to happen


  • Dean will finish the series single

The thing is, a lifetime of hunting has made Dean insular and suspicious by nature, and that probably won’t change — at least not drastically — even if he manages to work through some of his other issues. He doesn’t trust easily. So: even if they introduced a new “love interest” character right after Dean is finished being a demon, and pushed the story line through this alleged S11, I doubt they’d have time to get him/her into a believable relationship with someone as instinctively secretive and defensive as Dean.

Also, I can’t imagine Dean trying to date a civilian ever again, so it would have to be another hunter. Or someone at least hunting-adjacent, in the way Jody and Bela are/were.

Basically the only person who fits that bill — has Dean’s trust, knows about the monsters — is Cas.

(Unless they brought Lisa back, which would be ludicrous to the point that I’d set the internet on fire. Dean having Lisa’s memories wiped is probably the skeeviest thing he’s ever done — including the Suzy clusterfuck — and him just waltzing back into her life after that would be super gross.)

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It might not even be about Dean’s 10x02 hook-up specifically. They could have some female characters lined up as part of the story arc, but would like to avoid a constant barrage of angry tweets. Like what happened last season when fandom decided Nora and Hannah were obviously love interests for no other reason than they were cast for more than one episode.

Anonymous said: I've been trying to be positive about S10 despite all these weird spoilers, but I just read that thing where Carver says not to expect any relationships this season and now I'm sad again.

Don’t be.

  1. I am 4000% convinced that if Destiel does happen, it will happen in the final stretch of the show’s last season, and it is looking more and more like there’s going to be an eleventh season.
  2. I am another 4000% convinced that Carver said this specifically to stem some of the OMG PERMANENT FEMALE LOVE INTEREST hysteria that has cropped up about the one night stand Dean is supposed to have in 10x02.