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i believe in season nine.

stannis baratheon is my king.

my sandwich didn't do anything

FANGIRL CHALLENGE || (1/50) heartbreaking scenes / moments
"I want you to live this new life to the fullest. And when you die and your soul comes to Heaven, find me. Tell me your story."

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#i absolutely LOVED the way she played this line #because she sounded so distraught #because even angels who are creatures born to love and sing praises #even angels cannot fathom the depth of the impact dean has made on castiel #even angels cannot imagine how deep his love for dean goes #these are angels who have existed in the glow of god’s love for eternities and they still can’t understand it #lost because castiel has fallen into a love none of them can ever comprehend #she must think he’s gone mad #or that dean is some incredible corrupting force to have stolen her brother from her #lost because she knows and inias knows and all of heaven knows #where castiel’s loyalties lie now #and where they’ll lie forever #i almost feel bad for you hester #because you just don’t understand #castiel isn’t lost #he’s found


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i’m still so angry that stannis almost starved to death holding storms end for robert (he was like seventeen for fucks sake) and robert just basically disregarded and made fun of him for the rest of his life what an asshole


Can we talk about the fact that Dean drank an entire 26er of hard liquor and was not only still cogent, but went out and drank more alcohol at the bar afterwards?  It’s already been established that Dean has an immense tolerance for alcohol, but even though he might normally have been capable of drinking that amount and not dying/getting really sick/just passing out, he should not have been as cogent and functional as he was at the end of the evening as he was after all that alcohol.

Dean’s alcohol consumption in this episode is actually at an absurd level and I don’t think it’s just to highlight his use of/need for alcohol as a coping mechanism.  I think the immense amount of alcohol he drank with little effect is to highlight that the Mark is changing him, in unanticipated ways.  He’s becoming less human in many ways, he’s more brutal, more animalistic, now he’s not affected by alcohol the way a human is?  While demons have been shown to drink, they’ve never been shown to be affected by alcohol (to my memory).  Could we be looking at the first hints that the transformation to demon!Dean is already underway?

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"I need you." dean&cas black


Dean’s steeped in blood, and the copper stench of it hangs in the air, choking Cas as he watches in horror. Dean’s lip curls up into a snarl, a feral look that Cas remembers from eight years ago. He blinks, seeing double; the man in front of him superimposed on top of the man who, after thirty years, succumbed and stepped off the rack.

This is not his Dean.

Cas steps forward, one hand outstretched, like he’s approaching a wild animal. “Dean,” Cas says, and it comes out a hoarse whisper. He clears his throat and tries again. This time the sound is stronger, and it echoes in the bare chamber.

Dean whirls around, teeth bared, hand gripping the blade, which is black, dripping with gore. He tilts his head to the side, sniffs at the air. A low growl builds in the back of his throat, and Cas takes a moment to wonder if his approach is the right one.


"Dean," he says yet again, his voice stronger still. The blade in Dean’s hand lowers a fraction. Ah ha, Cas thinks, triumph simmering in his veins. He closes the distance between the two of them ever so slowly, maintaining eye contact the entire time. “This isn’t you, Dean.” Deja vu, a flash to a similar moment, the same words, coming out of the man before him, aimed at Castiel. The mess that is their lives…

Dean’s mouth opens, a sound that could be Cas’s name issues forth. Cas raises his hand and Dean’s eyes track its movements closely. 

"Dean." Cas inhales, rests his palm on Dean’s forearm. "Put down the blade, Dean. Whatever is making you this way, it’s in the blade." Cas licks his lips. "It’s not you." 

Dean breathes harshly, his breath whistling between parched lips. This close, the scent of blood is cloying, coating the back of Cas’s throat. For one, wildly terrifying moment, Dean’s arm tenses beneath Cas’s palm. Cas throws caution to the wind, thinking back to when their situations were reversed, to the words that Dean uttered to him, I need you.

"Dean, please," Cas says. "I…" need you hangs in the air between them, but it’s not enough. It won’t break the blade’s hold on him.

In this abattoir of Dean’s creation - of the blade’s creation - Cas says in a quiet but firm voice, “I love you.”


half moon run (based on these spoilers)

Dean ignores the first two texts he gets from Cas. He feels his phone buzz against his leg the first time, and with his lower lip still perched on the rim of his beer bottle, he watches the name Cas illuminate the cracked plastic screen. He resolutely turns back to the game on the TV screen, settling his stiff shoulders deeper into the cushions of the couch. He can hear the hollow, tinny bangs of Sam in the firing range on the lower level, where he hasn’t resurfaced since early morning.

Finally, worry nags him to flip open the phone and skim the two messages, which read, Dean, and then, Dean?

He’s got his thumbs all ready to type “what do you need?” when the third message pops up in blue text. He reads once, twice, three times.

I need your help.

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you know what’s gross tho:

"It’s been dark in Dean’s world for a while, and I’m hoping that someone will open up a window soon." — Jensen Ackles, x

"She knew who I was… and what I was. She loved me unconditionally. She forgave me. She only asked for one thing. To stop." — Cain, 9.11 First Born

i mean i’m just saying….

i’m just saying.



I’m still super upset that Dumbledore didn’t say that in the movie.

That Dumbledore quote RUINED me in the books. Oh god I’m not crying you’re crying

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"hey, you know what video would’ve gone viral, if we still had it?” - 9x15

"hey, you know what video would’ve gone viral,
if we still had it?” - 9x15

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